Understanding the Deed Restrictions


The Walden Parke home sites are protected by deed restrictions to ensure that your investment is protected from activities and construction that might be inconsistent with a comfortable, safe rural neighborhood.

Our primary restrictions are:

  • Single family homes only
  • Seventy five feet set back from street, forty feet setback from side property lines
  • No subdivision of lots
  • Home buissnesses limited to family members only with no signage or outside storage of materials
  • Forty percent of trees greater than two inches diameter can not be cut.
  • All exterior construction must be complete within one year of start
  • All Department of Environmental Protection regulations concerning wetlands must be observed
  • Abutting Bangor Land Trust property must be respected
  • All large boats and vehicles not used for more than one month must be stored behind or next to the home, not  between the home and the street

These restrictions are incomplete and are only representative.  The actual deed is the only true representation of these restrictions.

Click here to download a PDF of our actual deed.

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